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Medical Marijuana Card Registration:

If you want to obtain a legal medical marijuana card for the medical condition of yours, you have to take in account several things that are mentioned on this page. Since our main 2 sites of activity are Colorado and California, we will only list the information related to these two states. Thus, you will have to check with your state laws and requirements for medical marijuana card approval, if you live in any of the following states (except California and Colorado): Alaska, Hawaii, Main, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. We ask you to read thoroughly in order to not get confused and then run into further friction with the law.

Those people, who want to possess medical marijuana in Colorado, have to obtain a Medical Marijuana Registry ID card from the Department of Public Health and Environment of Colorado. These medical marijuana cards are available by providing the following data to the state:
-A completed new or renewal application for ID;
-A copy of your Colorado driving license or ID card;
-A non-returnable application fee in the sum of $90 – with a check or money order made out to CDPHE; -The doctor certificate from completed and signed by a doctor licensed to work in the state of Colorado. These items have to be then forwarded to the Medical Marijuana Registry of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. There is a separate application form for people under the age of 18. In case you live in California, you should consider the following things:
-The California Medical Marijuana Program is not obligatory. It is legalized on the county level, rather than on the state level. As of November 2008, it was reported by California Department of Public that Medical Marijuana Program was performed by closely to all counties, except for just a few. Therefore, at first you should verify with the laws of your state before proceeding with the application, even if you’re a resident of San Francisco or Los Angeles;
-To register, you will need to contact your native county. A complete listing of each county’s Medical Marijuana Program is filed on the California Department of Public Health website;
-You will need to fill an application form;
-In addition, you will need to provide your medical file;
-The price of medical marijuana card registration involves a $66 state fee and any supplementary fees introduced by each separate county.

Speaking of the other 12 states, if you are the resident of any of them, please check in with your state and county regulations in order to proceed with your medical marijuana card registration without any obstacles and confusions with the law.